About XBTC Club

XBTC Club offers you a quick and easy way to not only learn but also execute Bitcoin trading.

The Story of XBTC Club

XBTC Club is the result of a zealous individual’s undying attitude towards the creation of a platform that was designed for traders all over the world. The creator of the platform wanted traders with different backgrounds, budgets, and trading preferences to be able to trade Bitcoin without discrimination. This young individual had seen the lacking that existed in the online trading world of that time and wanted to fill the gap.

The founder of XBTC Club is a young individual who wanted to trade Bitcoin but couldn’t find a platform that offered a crypto-specific trading experience. Most platforms were about forex or stock trading. From trading education to the available trading tools, everything was suited for forex and stock traders on those platforms. To this young individual, it seemed that there was no place for Bitcoin traders on those platforms unless they agreed to be an outdated platform with half-baked crypto trading features.

After working tirelessly for 4 years with different developers and programmers, he was finally able to create something that was a reflection of his dream. It was XBTC Club that catered specifically to Bitcoin traders and offered them a trading experience they couldn’t have expected on other forex or stock trading focused platforms.

The XBTC Club Team’s Mission

The XBTC Club team believes that more traders need to realize that they can be Bitcoin traders without being wealthy or having a trading background. To do that, it is always optimizing the platform for a hopefully smoother and more user-friendly experience, and spreading the word about it.

The XBTC Club Team’s Vision

The vision of the team is to open doors for every trader to the world of Bitcoin trading without the fear of being taken advantage of. It aims to be the platform where a new trader feels just as empowered as a professional trader in terms of access to trading resources.